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Samuel Gómez-Peñate
Ph.D. Engineering Sciences

Scopus ID: 57204241230


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He received a Ph.D. degree with The Highest Distinction in Engineering Science from the Technological Institute of Mexico, in 2021, and M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering in 2016 from the National Center of Research and Technological Development, Mexico.   He is the author/co-author of more than 10 research papers published in ISI-Journals and international conferences. 
His research interests are centered on fault diagnosis, fault-tolerant control systems, Takagi-Sugeno systems, LPV systems, and its applications.



  • Convex TS and LPV systems

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Fault-tolerant control

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, 2021. 

     Technological Institute of Mexico

  • Master in Electronic Engineering, 2016.National Center for Research and Technological Development (CENIDET)

  • Santos-Ruiz, I., López-Estrada, F. R., Puig, V., Torres, F. L., Valencia-Palomo, G., y Gómez-Peñate, S. (2021). Optimal Estimation of the Roughness Coefficient and Friction Factor of a Pipeline. Journal of Fluids Engineering.

  • Gómez-Peñate, S., López-Estrada, F. R., Valencia-Palomo, G., Rotondo, D. y Guerrero-Sánchez, M. E., (2020). Actuator and sensor fault estimation based on a proportional multiple-integral sliding mode observer for linear parameter varying systems with inexact scheduling parameters. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control. In press.

  • Farrera, B., López-Estrada, F. R., Chadli, M., Valencia-Palomo, G., y Gómez-Peñate, S., (2020). Distributed Fault Estimation of Multi–Agent Systems Using a Proportional–Integral Observer: A Leader–Following Application. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 30(3), 551-560.

  • Gómez-Peñate, S., Valencia-Palomo, G., López-Estrada, F.-R., Astorga-Zaragoza, C.-M., Osornio-Ríos, R. A., & Santos-Ruiz, I. (2019). Sensor Fault Diagnosis Based on a H∞ Sliding Mode and Unknown Input Observer for Takagi-Sugeno Systems with Uncertain Premise Variables. Asian Journal of Control, 21, 339– 353.

  • Gómez-Peñate, S., López-Estrada, F. R., Valencia-Palomo, G., Osornio-Ríos, R., Zepeda-Hernández, J. A., RíosRojas, C., & Camas-Anzueto, J. (2018). Sensor Fault Diagnosis Observer for an Electric Vehicle Modeled as a Takagi-Sugeno System. Journal of Sensors, 2018, 1–9.​​

  • García‐Beltrán, C. D., Miranda‐Araujo, E. M., Guerrero‐Sanchez, M. E., Valencia‐Palomo, G., Hernández‐ González, O., & Gómez‐Peñate, S. (2021). Passivity‐based control laws for an unmanned powered parachute aircraft. Asian Journal of Control

  • López-Estrada, F. R., Santos-Estudillo, O., Valencia-Palomo, G., Gómez-Peñate, S., y Hernandez-Gutiérrez, C. (2020). Robust qLPV Tracking Fault-Tolerant Control of a 3 DOF Mechanical Crane. Mathematical and Computational Applications, 25(3), 48.

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