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Victor Estrada is a Mechatronics Engineer from the University of Guadalajara (2005-2009). Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Automatic Control from CINVESTAV Unit Guadalajara (2010-2012). Doctor of Science, specializing in Automatic Control from the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis, France (2012-2015). CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellow attached to the PNPC Graduate Program in Engineering Sciences at the Technological Institute of Sonora, Mexico (2016-2018). Member of the National System of Researchers, Level 1. Starting in October 2018, a research professor affiliated with the Mechatronics Engineering department at the Polytechnic University of Pachuca. Areas of interest: Analysis and synthesis of nonlinear systems through convex models and linear matrix inequalities.

Ph.D. Automatic Control



Scopus ID: 55414675200


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  • Convex models

  • Convex control 

  • Linear Matrix Inequalities

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Nonlinear observer desing

  • Ph.D. in Automatic Control, 2015. 

      Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

  • Master in Electrical Engineering, 2012. CINVESTAV Guadalajara

Latest publications
Full publications list: Scholar Google, Research Gate.

  • Quintana, D., Estrada‐Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2022. Overcoming non‐convexity of the robust nonlinear output feedback problem: An adaptive linear matrix inequality solution. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 32(18), pp.9829-9848.

  • Campos, V.C., Frezzatto, L., Oliveira, T.G., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Braga, M.F., 2022. H∞ control of event-triggered quasi-LPV systems based on an exact discretization approach—A linear matrix inequality approach. Journal of the Franklin Institute, 359(2), pp.870-898.

  • Quintana, D., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2021. An exact handling of the gradient for overcoming persistent problems in nonlinear observer design via convex optimization techniques. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 416, pp.125-140.

  • Guzman, J., López-Estrada, F.R., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Valencia-Palomo, G., 2021. Actuator fault estimation based on a proportional-integral observer with nonquadratic Lyapunov functions. International Journal of Systems Science, 52(9), pp.1938-1951. Vancouver

  • Martinez, J., Aguiar, B., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2021. Actuator fault detection for discrete-time descriptor systems via a convex unknown input observer with unknown scheduling variables. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021, pp.1-16.

  • Romero-Vega, J.A., Villafuerte-Segura, R. and Estrada-Manzo, V., 2021. LMI-Based Analysis and Stabilization of Nonlinear Descriptors with Multiple Delays via Delayed Nonlinear Controller Schemes. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2021, pp.1-19.

  • Armenta, C., Bernal, M., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Sala, A., 2020. Exact Takagi-Sugeno descriptor models of recurrent high-order neural networks for control applications. Computational and Applied Mathematics, 39(1), p.29.

  • Armenta, C., Laurain, T., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2020. A novel identification-based convex control scheme via recurrent high-order neural networks: an application to the internal combustion engine. Neural Processing Letters, 51, pp.303-324.

  • Quintana, D., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2019. SEPNATC Fault Detection and Isolation via a Novel Convex Optimization Scheme. IEEE Latin America Transactions, 17(07), pp.1096-1101.

  • Estrada-Manzo, V., Lendek, Z. and Guerra, T.M., 2019. An alternative LMI static output feedback control design for discrete-time nonlinear systems represented by Takagi–Sugeno models. ISA transactions, 84, pp.104-110.

  • Arceo, J.C., Sánchez, M., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2018. Convex stability analysis of nonlinear singular systems via linear matrix inequalities. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64(4), pp.1740-1745.

  • Bernal, M., Estrada, V. and Márquez, R., 2019. Diseno e implementación de sistemas de control basados en estructuras convexas y desigualdades matriciales lineales.

  • Arceo, J.C., Marquez, R., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Bernal, M., 2018. Stabilization of nonlinear singular systems via Takagi–Sugeno models and robust differentiators. International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, 20, pp.1451-1459.

  • Blandeau, M., Estrada-Manzo, V., Guerra, T.M., Pudlo, P. and Gabrielli, F., 2018. Fuzzy unknown input observer for understanding sitting control of persons living with spinal cord injury. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 67, pp.381-389.

  • González, A., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Guerra, T.M., 2017. Gain-scheduled H∞ admissibilisation of LPV discrete-time systems with LPV singular descriptor. International Journal of Systems Science, 48(15), pp.3215-3224.

  • Blandeau, M., Molenaar, C., Estrada-Manzo, V., Guerra, T.M., Pudlo, P. and Gabrielli, F., 2016. Stabilité assise chez les personnes avec lésion médullaire. Neurophysiologie Clinique/Clinical Neurophysiology, 46(4-5), p.247.

  • Blandeau, M., Guerra, T.M., Pudlo, P., Gabrielli, F. and Estrada-Manzo, V., 2016. Modelling seated postural stability for complete spine cord injury. AMSE, Modelling, Measurement & Control, C, 77(2), pp.40-50.

  • Estrada-Manzo, V., Lendek, Z. and Guerra, T.M., 2016. Generalized LMI observer design for discrete-time nonlinear descriptor models. Neurocomputing, 182, pp.210-220.

  • Guerra, T.M., Estrada-Manzo, V. and Lendek, Z., 2015. Observer design for Takagi–Sugeno descriptor models: An LMI approach. Automatica, 52, pp.154-159.

  • Estrada-Manzo, V., Lendek, Z., Guerra, T.M. and Pudlo, P., 2014. Controller design for discrete-time descriptor models: a systematic LMI approach. IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, 23(5), pp.1608-1621.

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